Who am I?

I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years during which I have worked with a wide range of clients from children through to world champion athletes.

Developing and running leading exercise classes, along with direct personal training, has proved to be most rewarding for those who use me as a fitness professional.

Since qualifying I have consistently worked to develop my skills as a trainer through courses as well as keeping up with the latest journals and trends. I am currently working through the NASAM corrective exercise specialisation course.

Personal training should be as it says personal. I have come to understand the importance of building trusting and successful relationships with clients in order to find their own individual path to success.

So many people spend a lot of their own time and money on gyms, workouts diets, detoxes (the list goes on) and never make the progress they deserve. With so much information to try and get your head around it is really hard to know what is right or wrong and more importantly what is right and wrong for you!

As a trainer I will work with you to help you achieve the results you want and to break the cycle of under achievement or maybe even no achievement.

What you get

Nutrition plans that work for your body and your lifestyle. Teaching you how to best fuel your body will leave you feeling and looking better leaving you with you results long term.

The training programmes you receive will be individual but based on protocols that are proven and that actually work.

Your progress will be tracked along the way with body fat assessments and fitness testing depending on your goals. Lifestyle management such as including stress and sleep management will be analysed too.

Learning is the key to growth and by expanding your knowledge you will put yourself in the best possible place to stay healthy and fit moving forwards. If you can commit to working hard then you will see the results you want just bring an open mind and the drive to succeed!

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